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Excellent Reasons for Installing Skirting Boards

A skirting board is also one of the things that makes a room unique and welcoming. These boards can be used in the center or corners of ceilings, at the bottom of a wall, in picture frames, doors, and windows, giving your interior a touch of style and finishing.

If you’re thinking about redecorating your home, one of the things you can do is install baseboards if you still need them. Flooring, or skirting, is wood paneling attached to the wall where it meets the floor. You might want to fit b&q skirting boards in your home for many reasons, but common reasons include that they can protect your walls, hide unsightly wiring, and add character and character to any room.

Skirting boards as protection for your walls

Certain types of furniture, such as cabinets, shelves, and closets, must be placed against a wall. The edges of this furniture can scratch the walls, which can be problematic if your walls have elaborate wallpaper or paneling or are made of beautifully grained wood.

Over time, the wall space not covered by this furniture will disappear, resulting in uneven color on the walls. All this can be annoying when you decide to rearrange or replace the furniture, and you may need to repaint the walls or replace the wallpaper.

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However, if you have a floor, you can completely avoid having to repaint or glue your walls by replacing or rearranging furniture. Your furniture won’t have to rest completely against the walls. Skirting boards create space between the furniture and the wall.

Skirting boards hide unsightly cables except for dirt, dust, and signs of decay. Instead of letting your house wiring dangle like this, you can bundle them and hide them behind baseboards. If you have the talent and patience for woodworking, you can make your baseboards with room for wiring. You can also buy baseboards with outlets for the wiring you need.

Aside from the useful purposes of skirting boards, the most crucial objective is adding character to any room. Baseboards painted in a color that contrasts with the color of the walls can draw attention to the details of the wall or perhaps to the paintings and curtains that decorate the wall. Baseboards can also have intricate moldings and carvings that can serve as decorative elements.


Skirting boards have many uses. They are decorative elements in a room and protection for the walls. When you renovate your home, consider adding flooring if you don’t already have it.

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