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Shopping The Right Whisky Online

It can be challenging to stumble through the liquor store picking out a bottle of whisky, especially when you’ve got a wide variety of choices. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled this list of 37 whisky websites from around the world that take whisky shop hong kong online to the next level. Once you’ve browsed through your selection and ordered securely online, some of these sites will even deliver your purchase directly to your door. So find yourself a good Scotch or single malt on our list, pour yourself a glass and enjoy.


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If you’d like to learn about anything from wine-tasting basics to the history of spirits, we have several expertly crafted courses that will have you immersed in a world of premium whisky. We’ve got some essential DVDs for great learning value and high-end wine tastings for those with more refined palates. If you’re looking for a specific course, feel free to use our Course Finder, which lists all of our courses broken down by category. You can click on each course to read more about it, view the syllabus and start previewing lectures. Or, if you’re ready to enroll, click the “Buy Now” button!

Covent Garden : The Whisky Exchange


These tastings are perfect for beginners and experts alike. His expertly prepared tastings are available as a 2-pack or a 4-pack and include an elegant scotch glass in addition to the tastings. You may also choose to purchase individual tasting sets, which include everything you need for that particular tasting. If you have yet to discover the pleasures of Scotch whisky, be sure to check out his introductory tasting sets. Each set contains a bottle of single malt scotch as well as an elegant glass. He’ll guide you through the different tasting notes of each spirit and what they may reveal about their origin and aging experience.


When you pay $25 and gain one year of access to Islay Whisky Club’s tastings, you’ll discover that you’ve entered into a whisky tasting religion. The focus of this club is the variously whisky. The tastings are available in 2-packs or 4-packs and include an elegant wooden tasting tray as well as 10 different whiskies!


The benefits of learning how to taste even the primary varieties of whisky are impressive. You can avoid some brand names and find yourself exploring rarer ones that may not have been discovered by many others. These tastings will help you become more knowledgeable and learn what distinguishes each distillation region.


In conclusion, you can learn about whisky from industry experts and some of the most informed whisky connoisseurs in the world. We hope that you’ll use their help to master your tastebuds or get started on a path of creating your own fine single-malt scotch.

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