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Learning About the DPF Cleaning Services

As it becomes more efficient, the diesel engine can accumulate large amounts of soot or ash on some related components as the fuel burns. Special devices are used to remove this accumulation in cases where this procedure is not applicable during the trip. The equipment used for cleaning can offer an efficiency rating of eighty-five to one hundred percent. The design of the equipment and the installation procedures determine in which range the efficiency rating falls.

These components also require DPF cleaning services as part of regular maintenance.

The combustion process in these filters is known as regeneration. The procedure should be carried out carefully so as not to damage it. Some mechanical problems, such as fuel injector failures, result in diesel or oil contamination of the component, resulting in the need to clean the particulate filter with a dpf cleaner.

Regeneration is not possible in situations where a diesel truck is regularly driven in urban areas, and in this case, it becomes necessary to clean the DPF mechanically. A higher speed is required to start the regeneration process, and a warning light informs the driver to remove the soot. Ignoring a warning or waiting too long for a DPF cleaning service prevents proper regeneration and eventually requires a complete replacement.

dpf cleaner

Most products provide fine filtration, low pressure drop, low cost, and durability. Walled cordierite flow filters are the most widely known version and consist of a ceramic material that works similarly to a catalytic converter. This design provides a high degree of filtration efficiency and is less expensive than alternatives. Its lower melting point makes some designs, such as silicon carbide or ceramic fiber, more desirable.

Filters require more maintenance than a basic catalytic converter because the ash in the oil creates deposits inside the cell walls. Not all diesel fuel parts turn into gas, which causes soot to accumulate on the walls. A clogged filter harms various engine components and can reduce truck handling. Cleaning the particulate filter during a warning minimizes the chance of further damage and ensures optimal truck performance.

DPF cleaning services are critical for trucks traveling short distances at lower speeds. The process takes an average of twenty to thirty minutes. Machines used for complete deashing usually perform the procedure from both ends simultaneously to ensure that all cells are free of soot. All ash is removed when the dust stops coming out of the component.


DPF cleaning is used on diesel trucks operating at speeds below those required for regeneration. DPF cleaning services are recommended for regular maintenance.

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