Tricks to apply eye lashes


The cosmetic industry has seen a growing and evolving ever since. The industry is forecasted to grow at a rate of CAGR 4.3%.  The global economies have changed and people have more rises in the spending powers which have led to an immense growth, consumption and opportunities in the industry. Also as the climate is changing has led to products made as per the new climatic conditions and which suits the people better. Also there is a shift of people towards products which are more organic and nature related and cruelty free, keeping the environment in mind.

The awareness in people has increased and in now not limited a one segment of society. He masses are no becoming more aware about products which they could use to enhance and maintain their skin and beauty.

There are many new products that have come into picture for beauty enhancement. The makeup industry keeps evolving and innovating. Makeup artists are getting creative with creating new looks with makeup and products.


There are many new products in the market like hair extension, nail extensions which are in vogue. Apart from these a new trend of fake eye leashes or also as called eye lash extensions or false eyelashes is very in. there are many companies which are producing many these products. They come in different shapes and sizes and colors.  They come in eyelash extension kit, the kit has tool to stick it, glue to stick it and an eyelash which lasts for seven days. But applying an eyelash is tricky, there very small tricks and techniques which one has to master to get perfect eyelash extensions. These eyelashes come in some standard general sizes and shapes and many times these eyelashes may not fit all. Applying these lashes depends on various factors like what is the shape of eye are the lashes compatible with that shape. How a person removes it from the lash kit and is and keeps it back to it also important. One should never rip off these lashes from the kit.  This is the first basic step may be minute but is important. The next step is to identify the eye shapes. There is different type of eye shapes like deep set eyes, down turned eyes, hooded eyes, and prominent eyes. For deep set eyes it is suggested to try long eye lashes. For downturned eyes it is suggested to try short eyelashes to have one eyes lifted up. For hooded eyes one needs to try eyelash with thin strip and short length lash. For Prominent eyes one should try lashes on lower lash line to create a balance. One important  key is to hold the kit close to nose and hold the eyelashes outwards his help in identifying left right lashes as many times may not be marked.  To remove it one should peel it form outer edge of the lash and not inner edge.  Also without sticking the lash try it on face and see if it has to be trimmed if yes do it before sticking. Voila you get perfect lash extensions.

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