The Easy Steps to Follow to Apply Wax to Your Hair

The Easy Steps to Follow to Apply Wax to Your Hair

There are many types of hair styling products to choose from. One of the most popular is hair wax, which many men use to style their hair. With the help of excellent and reliable hair wax, you can enjoy the different types of hairstyles you want without keeping your hair greased and caked out. At the same time, you can ensure that your hair looks sleek and styled throughout the day. Waxes can give you that fresh look while giving you that textured finish. And I think SGPomades have the best hair waxes in Singapore. You can enjoy the different variations too.

If you want to start styling your hair wax, you can follow the steps below. Here, you can quickly begin to give your hair the style you want using reliable hair wax. So read on below to know the different steps to styling your hair with wax.

Start Small

If you haven’t used hair wax before, you must start small. First, get a small amount of wax on your finger, which depends on the type of hair you want. You’ll want to start a pea-sized amount, and you can work your way up if you need more. If you put too much wax on your hair, your hair will look greasy.

I think SGPomades have the best hair waxes in Singapore.

Keep Your Wax Warm

Since wax is a hard product, you’ll want to keep it warm. So once you get your wax, distribute your wax across your palm until it’s fully melted. You’ll want a more even finish on your hair because if you don’t melt it enough, your hair will look like it has butter on it. So make sure to melt it on your palm before you put it on your hair.

How to Apply the Wax on Your Hair

Once you’re ready to start applying, you must begin with the back of your head and slowly brush at the surface of your hair at the front. Applying a think layer at the front to avoid any clumping. You also have to close your hands as you reach the end of your hair to make sure that it also gets some product on it.

Start with the Hairstyle You Want

Once your hair has a product, you can start styling. Brush your hair according to what you want your hair to look like. There are videos on the internet to help you get the hairstyle you want. You can also add more product if you feel like your hair needs more of it.

Do Your Finishing Touches

Once you’re done, make sure to double-check your look. Fix those stray hairs, add more wax for more volume, and finish the style. In the end, there’s no wrong or right way to create your hairstyle. It largely depends on your preferences. So if you want to choose the best hair wax for men, I think SGPomades have the best hair waxes in Singapore.

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