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Sportswear: some advice

The sportswear used is essential when carrying out motor activity and various sports. The “sportswear” must promote movement, improve performance during competitions and training, comply with the safety requirements of the international Olympic regulations as well as be comfortable and respond to particular aesthetic needs.

The hygienic-sanitary aspects of the fabrics used for the practice of motor and sports activities include not only an element of technical-scientific or commercial interest, but also of quality female biker shorts.

The expectations in the technical properties of the fabrics are not necessarily in contrast with the achievement of high hygienic-sanitary standards, which affect the well-being of the sportsman and athletic performance. Furthermore, the success in achieving adequate sanitation requirements is reflected in the safety and degree of user satisfaction.

Who is interested in this sportswear?

The priority users exposed to these fabrics and materials are represented by professional sportsmen and workers in this sector, for whom the guarantee of well-being and safety also involves aspects of occupational prevention. However, in the light of the new demographic and epidemiological scenarios there is a wide and diversified range of subjects practicing motor activities such as young people, pregnant women, the elderly, immunosuppressed subjects (suffering from neoplastic diseases or in therapy with immunosuppressants), subjects included in pathways of adapted motor rehabilitation, sport prophylaxis and sport therapy, for which the safety requirements take on a particular connotation, also linked to the greater susceptibility to diseases.

Sportswear: some advice

The characteristics related to thermal well-being are fundamental, in which the fundamental variables are: metabolism, convection-conduction, radiation and evaporation.

Very important in the characteristics of the garment are the microclimatic conditions inside it, sportswear can favor or hinder the heat dispersion of the individual who is performing a physical exercise. Interesting is the situation that occurs when a person performs a motor activity such as running, wearing a k-way or absolutely non-breathable plastic materials such as large bags or the like, thinking they are “sweating” more. What actually happens is an obstacle to heat dispersion with a progressive increase in the temperature in the microclimate between the skin and the garment with the creation of drops of sweat that do not evaporate as they are closed in a non-transpiring microclimate and therefore does not allow heat to dissipate.

A waterproof, breathable and windproof fabric, resistant, guarantees maximum protection. This fabric is used to produce shoes, t-shirts, jackets suitable for sports use and also for common use as it guarantees optimal comfort.

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