Some Unknown Benefits of a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are cent percent carbon. Under the huge pressure and heat far below the surface of the earth, the carbon atoms generally bond in a way that is unique which result in the rare and beautiful crystalline structure of diamonds that is embellished further to create beautiful jewellery which radiates with brilliance. Along with being an extremely sparkling gemstone, diamond offers much more which meets the eye. Below are some unknown benefits of gifting a diamond engagement ring.

  • Evoke Feelings- This stone is known to augment traits of Venus. Diamond improves the wearer’s thoughts, enabling generous thoughts and remove fearful and evil thoughts thus making her/his personality charming and attractive.
  • Wealth Attracts Wealth- Diamond is an absolute value for money. It is a hard substance that has a structure that is colorless. In Vedic astrology, it is related to the planet Venus and in astrology it is regarded as a money gemstone. This gem suits women more and is highly beneficial when women wear it. Diamond is most effective when it is worn with gold compared to other metals. So it is best to buy a gold ring that is studded with diamond for the engagement.
  • Adds to the Status- Diamond, the emperor of gems is status symbol. It has been always identified with good taste and prosperity. This gem will offer confidence to the wearer, along with superiority and sense of power. Besides it will boost the glamor quotient. Above all, a diamond engagement ring will always be in vogue.
  • Health Benefits- Another plus of choosing a diamond engagement ring is that apart from its beauty it also offers the wearer with a plethora of health benefits. This solitaire possesses the vibes which can help cure various health issues from kidney, diabetes, to skin related elements.
  • Spiritual Benefits- Every gemstone has the power, affecting, or influencing the wearer in various ways which can enhance facets of living. A diamond ring will allow the wearer in doing good deeds, meriting acclaim and commendation. Besides, it also helps to provoke a state of spiritual ecstasy and help the wearer in meeting the challenges in life boldly. Diamonds can remove inferiority complex. This stone is also prescribed as a panacea for creative blocks that is suffered by writers and artists. People that strongly believe in the power of stones attribute this stone with the power of warding off negativity and maintaining good health and wellness.
  • Unbreakable- This stone is a hard mineral. It is only a diamond that cuts a diamond. Forming this stone takes millions or billions of years to form. This is all carbon which did well under the pressure and heat and over time formed crystalline to shine bright and brilliant. No wonder, it symbolises eternal love. Love which has blossomed and bloomed over time and will remain forever true. So gift a diamond engagement ring for stronger relationships which lasts for a lifetime.

In short, diamond is an ideal choice for an engagement as this stone along with being a girl’s best friend is also something for celebrating a new milestone in life as it offers so many hidden benefits online at Fashion Plaza .

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