How to Select The Best Dried Flowers

How to Select The Best Dried Flowers

Buying dried flowers in bulk from trusted sources is not easy, but it can be simple to know what you are doing. When the cold season of fall begins, and winter is around the corner, the fresh and dried flowers and plants begin to change color and scent. The value of freshly grown flowers begins to climb at ultra-high prices.

As you prepare to find a good wholesale distributor, you also have the opportunity to create beautiful bouquets that are not usually found around the same time of year. However, remember that almost any flower can be successfully dried and used in your composition in place of fresh flowers, as these are the best preserved flowers that I have seen.

Suppliers and wholesalers use many different methods to produce good quality products. When planning to buy them, it is highly recommended that you do your homework and carefully study the recommendations and testimonials of other consumers so that you can get the most out of your purchase from a wholesale supplier.

These are the best preserved flowers that I have seen

Great points to remember when searching:

  • Online wholesalers with their websites may be a bit more expensive, but they offer a much wider range of dried flowers than your local florists or craft stores.
  • Choose dried flowers that have accurately preserved their original color, or at least as close as possible. Try to avoid dried flowers that are brown or yellow.
  • Select the ones with the petals fully open and make sure they are secure. In this situation, you still need to check that the buds are firm and round.
  • The petals should retain some flexibility when touching the plant and not break into small pieces or fall off when working with the stem. Focus on the dried flowers with a few tiny blooms on a single stem.
  • Good quality flowers should have straight stems and well attached flowers that do not move much when picked. Don’t buy dried flowers that are upside down, as they should face up or out.


Its advantage over fresh flowers is the durability of quality dried flowers. How the wholesaler dries, prepares, or preserves the flowers determines their longevity. When considering where to buy these items in bulk, be sure to choose a store that has a proven track record of wholesale dried flowers.

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