How do you create your own engagement ring of choice

How do you create your own engagement ring of choice?

When the time comes to pop the question, the ring you present is important. You can simply buy something pretty from a store, but it will have infinitely more meaning if you take the time to make it yourself. As a result, for anyone who thinks they might want to try, we scoured the internet to see what other people have done. Provided the simple structure of the ring style, build your own engagement ring and bracelets for women as your fiancé desired, opted to machine the ring using traditional metalworking tools rather than the lost wax casting technique used by all retailers. In theory, manufacturing processes will result in a stronger ring with less wear and tear over time. In practice, you have no idea if this will have any effect.

Make an oval out of it.

The succeeding machine is a glorified male/female type machine. On one side, there is a hollow half-cylinder (the female). A full cylinder is on the other side (the male). By manually pressing the two together, the full cylinder will sit inside the hollow half cylinder, with anything in between bent to form the shape. It cranked the platinum bar between the two. This completed a small portion of the platinum rod. After repeating this process 7–10 times, you appear to have been able to create an oval shape out of the platinum, with the bar ends nearly touching each other.

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To produce a metal strip with the desired length tarted with a hunk of platinum, it was extruded using a hand-cranked extruder. The extruder comes in a variety of sizes and simply cascaded down until I reached the desired diameter. It took about 10-15 passes to get it to the right size. It is critical to anneal the metal after any step that reshapes it. Cut the metal to size once it has reached the desired diameter to build bracelets for women. It is critical to anneal platinum on a clean surface so that it does not pick up other metals during the annealing process.

Braze the oval pieces together.

The oval was then brazed together to form a solid ring for the first time. Make sure the oxy-acetylene torch is ready to use, then place the solder over the gap and light it up. Unlike traditional soldering techniques such as circuit boards, you must first heat the platinum material until it glows red. Only then do you apply heat to the solder, causing it to liquefy and flow into the platinum, resulting in a solid joint.

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