Dehydrated Skin – What Should You Know?

Having beautiful skin is not always easy, but some elementary rules follow for it every day! First of all, hydration being the number 1 need for all skin types, beautiful skin requires perfect hydration every day. When it lacks water, the skin becomes dehydrated, it marks more easily. The signs are then visible: fine lines of dehydration are marked on the skin’s surface. It becomes uncomfortable, and we can then feel tightness occasional (especially after cleaning with water), but not all the time, unlike dry skin. But here, face moisturizer for dehydrated skin in Singapore helps.

Note: Dehydration of the skin is a common factor, especially in urban environments, and all skin types can suffer from it. It is thus entirely possible to have oily and dehydrated skin!

What is the ideal routine for dehydrated skin?

To find smooth, plump, and radiant skin, it is vital to moisturize your skin daily with care adapted to your skin type. Water is indeed the element at the origin of life, essential for our body and our skin. It is this which preserves the balance of the cells and ensures the maintenance of adequate hydration. Depending on your skin’s needs, there are different types of moisturizers to have well-hydrated skin on all levels. For example, opt for a face moisturiser for dehydrated skin in Singapore.

Pollution and all the particles and heavy metals that float in the ambient air also constitute dehydration of the skin, especially if you live in an urban environment. To limit pollution’s effects on your skin’s dehydration, protect it with suitable anti-pollution “shield” facial treatments that soothe and protect the skin from pollution.

Some good habits to integrate into your daily life allow you to hydrate the skin continuously. The skin reflects your state of health, so you have to take great care of yourself! We speak of dry skin when it lacks water and dehydrated skin when it lacks both water and lipids.

Drink water

It may seem obvious, yet many of us don’t think about drinking water daily. It is not a question of emptying a gourd every hour! A drink from time to time can already make a difference. If you have trouble drinking water during the day, then you can put a glass on your desk. Do not hesitate to take some with you when traveling. When to invest in a small insulated water bottle? It’s smart and green!

Protect your skin

Depending on the weather, protecting your skin from the cold will limit its dryness. In winter, we often see small dry and unpleasant areas, which can even turn into patches. Wear the right clothes for the outside temperatures, and your skin will thank you! Of course, it is difficult to get out 100% covered, so the intake of water and good fats will be essential.

Final Words

There are many benefits to having well-hydrated skin. From an aesthetic point of view, well-hydrated skin gives you a healthy glow. It is less prone to redness and other small inconveniences that we see in front of the mirror.

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