6 Most Creative Wedding Favours for Guests

The memories that you will give to your guests for having shared one of the most important days of your life and that of your partner have to be special and make a pleasant impression. Therefore, we recommend choosing useful and creative gifts that have some functionality that they can take advantage of. Below, we have prepared a selection with some options of Wedding Favours you may be interested in to make your wedding guests feel special.

  1. Accessories with Design

In the market, we have always had multiple products that, although they have been used for activities as simple as opening cans, removing corks from wine bottles, uncorking drinks, amplifying sounds, or lighting spaces; But today, thanks to creativity and innovation, they come in very striking, fun and impressive presentations. Your guests are sure to say wow! upon receiving a detail like these speakers.

  1. Post-Wedding Kits

We know that it is very possible that during the celebration more than one of your guests overindulges with the glasses or the food and therefore you can surprise them by giving them an emergency kit for the next day, in which you can include an antacid, water, pills for headache, among other implements.  All this with packaging or card that includes a wedding label or with your initials.

  1. Disposable Cameras

An extremely useful and practical implementation that you can leave in the place assigned to each guest so that they can record the best shots of the celebration according to their point of view. In this way, you will get them to interact, entertain, and preserve their own images of your marriage.

  1. Custom Liquor Stores

A very useful accessory on which you can stamp funny messages, pictures, as well as the names of the newlyweds so that the guests will remember them fondly each time, they fill it with their favourite drink or liquor.

  1. Customized Bottles and Containers

One of the Wedding Favours that will never be badly received is that of a bottle of some liquor, such as whiskey, rum, gin, vodka … that can be personalized with a creative label that bears the names of the spouses and that you can give along with a shot. Likewise, you can offer sweets and candies with messages that you and your husband want to share with the guests, whether they are romantic or funny as medicinal labels. Everything will depend on your tastes!

  1. A Natural Bet

Yes, a beautiful and ecological detail option for wedding guests, it can be a natural plant, which in addition to being decorative, will serve to raise awareness about the world and its ecosystem. Cacti and succulents are the plant options that you can give to your guests; They are easy to care for and also in striking pots will illuminate and fill any space in your home with life.

Final Words

As you have seen, you have several options, and very creative, to surprise your guests with good memories. Remember that they will appreciate that the gift is not only original but that they can also put it to use in their lives.

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