Wedding Suit Guide for The Groom

Wedding Suit Guide for The Groom

If you’ve decided that a tuxedo is too formal for the wedding, and now you’re planning to wear suits which give you an elegant and stylish look. But don’t settle on the first suit you see. What if you are running out of ideas?  Below there is a guide to help you and pick the right fit for your special day. Start by choosing your wedding suit color, or the formal or casual season or style. It’s worth mentioning here that Cravati is the best tailor shop when it comes to trajes de novio Madrid. Nevertheless, here are the ideas and a few tips for the groom’s wedding suit.

1) Groom Suit By Colors 

  • Grey Suits- A nice thing could be going grey. It’s a nice look no matter your wedding season or day, with countless ways of wearing a grey groom suit. The gray suit can be used for a wedding dress code, but you can turn up the ideal gray shade for your wedding theme with a bit of attention to detail. 
  • Blue Suits- The best choice for a colorful look is the Blue or Nave Bride Suits. Blue shades tend to punch the colors that you combine with them and bring you the best out into your tie, pocket, or even the shirt that you choose.
  • Tan Suits- The tan suit is very casual, and this is a good daytime choice. While a tan suit for a formal marriage wouldn’t be your choice, a tan bride suit may fit the atmosphere perfect for a tropical beach or mountains.
  • Black Suits- The most formal boys suit choice is black suits other than a tux —all that distinguishes the two are tiny yet important details. It is recommended that people should try it in the evening or winter. If you want to make a black suit, try to work a little more color rather than black and white.

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2) Groom Suits By Vibe

  • Casual Suits for Groom Outfits- If you don’t always wear casual and suits, it may seem like opposing worlds like Marvel and DC. The distinction between a formal navy suit and a casual blue suit may not be obvious, but it is very simple: your wedding outfit style should fit your wedding style, and specific colors play better depending on whether your wedding is laid back or formal.
  • Formal Groom Suits- You might be planning a traditional wedding with a classic feeling of the old school, but a tuxedo doesn’t suit your vibe. It is all right – you can dial the right suit and accessories in a timeless look.

Last Few Words

It’s not all about how you look — you should feel good about your wedding outfit. Will you feel confident? Very relaxed? Or do you feel jittery about a not comfortable wedding suit that doesn’t fit? That’s why here is a detailed guide about the groom’s wedding suit that will give an elegant look on your special wedding day. However, Cravati is the best place to visit for trajes de novio Madrid. It is a famous tailor shop where you can expect a bespoke groom suit.

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