Major precautions take to get prevention from coronavirus

As we all know that the whole world is suffering from coronavirus. There were millions of people who lost their life because of this disastrous virus. And even now there is not any permanent method to stop this from spreading. It is a communicable disease, if you want to make yourself safe from this virus then must have to stay away from other people. The main thing that you always remember is to wear a mask when you’re going outside of your house. Because the main source of spreading this virus is from the hands and mouth. So make sure that you have covered your mouth properly. To cover your face, always wear a mask. There are numerous masks available in the market like Animal Facemasks, birds face masks, joker face masks and many more. But it is very difficult to get Alpaca Face Masks.

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Now let’s dive deep into the precautions that you must have to take to save yourself from coronavirus. These are the following precautions:


Wash your hands frequently

you must wash your hands frequently because you have touched a lot of things like walls, door, chair, table, etc. The surface of these things may contain the virus particles. So you must wash your hands, after washing hands you will get off from those virus particles.

Wear a mask

always wear a mask outside your house. You must have to cover your mouth properly because when you’re talking to any person who’s not wearing a mask the particles coming out from his mouth can infect you. So always wear a mask and also suggest others to wear a mask.

Maintain social distance

Don’t be a part of a crowd. This time is very crucial so make sure that you’re staying away from the crowd. Because you don’t know about everyone whether they are infected or not. So maintain proper social distance from other people.

No shake hand

It is a very common and obvious thing that you shake hands when you meet anyone. But at this time it is better not to shake hands with others. Because the other method of spreading virus is hands. When you shake your hand with another person then the virus particles can transfer from his hand to your hand. So make yourself aware of these basic things.

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