How to get the long and healthy hair

How to get the long and healthy hair?

Hairs are essential to look stylish and young. We had come across many people who will do anything for a dense and healthy hair. These habits are more common among women. This is because it plays important role in our external appearance.  In these decades, adults are changing their hair style according to the trend. Healthy hair is important to style yourself. Breakage and hairless are the results of western styling methods.

Changing hairstyles are becoming easy because of the developed equipments. Ironing rods are available in cheap rates in the market which play a major role in changing hairstyles. Film stars and sports persons may be the reason behind the impact of hair styles. If David Beckham changes his hairstyle, his fans and followers are implementing those style in their hairs.

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Common hair problems:

Hair problems such as dandruff, dry scalp, bald heads, grey hairs, heat damaged hairs, color damaged hairs, low density of hairs, split ends and hair loss are common among the people. Usage of curl iron and flat iron, lack of good conditioner are the major reason behind the damaged and unhealthy hairs.

Before buying a shampoo, check its chemical composition. Too much of chemicals in the shampoos reduce your hair strength and may produce other problems in your hairs. Try to buy herbal and organic shampoos.

Remedies for hair problems:

Healthy food practise and good maintenance is required to have hair in our head. Mostly, these kinds of remedies can be easily found through hair care blog. Avoiding acidic beverages, junk foods, smoking and alcohol consumption will reduce the hair loss.  Our food practise must include whole food, cucumber, red peppers, onion. These foods help to improve the hair strength.  Drinking green tea also improves the hair strength.  It can also stop the genetic problems for hair loss. Green tea not only improves the hair strength but also improves the body metabolism and helps to have an active life.  It is better to find the natural remedies.  Sometimes eating iron and vitamin tablets helps to improve the hair strength. But do not eat them without consulting the doctors. Healthy hairs are rare to find these days.    Heavy sunlight can also damage your hairs. Try to stay away from the sunlight in the noon.

Oil massage:

Good oil massage will increase the hair strength and reduce the risk of split ends.  The oil from tea tree for hair massage contains antibacterial and antioxidants. Thus it helps in unclogging the hair follicles and improves the hair growth. It also reduces many problems such as dry scalp, itching and flakiness.   Almond oil repairs the damages in your hairs and coconut oil gives moistures. Thus saves our hair breaking and loss of strength.  Oil massage is must in once in a week to improve the hair strength.

You can also massage your hair with any one of the following before taking head wash. They are yogurt, henna leaves, egg whites, milk, baking soda, crushed curry. This will increase the protein content and provide good health and shiny appearance to your hairs.

If the hair problems are not controlled by natural remedies consult a hair care specialist.

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