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We all have different love languages. As we are different people with different characteristics, we are also different when it comes to showing our love to those special people in our lives. Our parents are the first people who showed us what love is. The proof of their love for each other is you. We came into this world through their love for each other. As we grow, we meet our relatives that have their ways also in showing their love to us. Then, as we go and start studying at school, we are starting to meet new people. From there, we make friends by knowing them and having bonded with them. As we see the importance of friendship, we started to see the way of showing love to our friends. It indicates that we have different languages to our loved ones that are special to us. Some of the known love languages are:

  • Service

– Some people show love through service. It shows here the very popular saying that actions speak louder than words. It means they express their love and care to their loved ones through actions.

  • Affirmation

– Some people express their love through words of affirmation or giving compliments to their loved ones.

bridal bouquets

  • Time

– We all want quality time with our loved ones, and it is considered as the best gift that we can give to them. It is the most considered needed factor in any kind of relationship.

  • Physical touch

– Some people show love and care through physical touch or gestures to their partner or loved ones. Some of the examples are hugging, tapping, or holding hands.

  • Gifts

– We know that love is not about material things, but some people still show their love for their loved ones with material things. It is their way to make their loved ones happy and appreciated.

When we are in a relationship, or we are heading to marriage, it is essential to know our love language and our partner’s love language. We need to be aware of it to understand how to make our loved ones happy. If we are heading to marriage, it is vital as we know that marriage is one of the greatest milestones in our lives. That is why we must understand what our loved ones needed and way of love. Also, it is an excellent factor when we are still preparing for our wedding. We can quickly know what our partner wants when it comes to bridal bouquets and other factors in preparing for the big event of our lives. It shows that if we know our partner, we can easily plan for our wedding, anniversary, and different special life occasions. We can easily show our love to them because we know what they want and need.

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