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4 Tips To Consider Before Buying Workout Clothes

Do you find yourself adjusting your T-shirt at the gym quite often? The design and fit of your gym clothes may play a hindrance especially when you are performing yoga and doing exercise. If your clothes are constantly riding up and this is leaving you uncomfortable or embraced in front of other gym members. If this is the case with you, then you need to choose your gym clothes wisely.

Avoid 100% percent cotton

It is imperative at your part to choose your clothes based on comfortability, but at the same time, you need to ensure that your clothes are functional. You are able to perform every moment of your exercise with the right amount of ease. Remember that when you will use 100% cotton it will absorb your sweat and this will make the cloth heavy. A heavysweaty T-shirt may cause irritation and make you uncomfortable. A loose T-shirt is not right in terms of safety because it may get caught in a machine.

Do not opt for short shorts

Shorts that are short and lose will ride up and expose you while performing certain exercises like lunges, deadlifts or others in which you have to raise your feet.


Itis recommended for women to wear a sports bra to get the right amount of support and comfort. It will reduce the chances of injury and proper support will reduce the bounce. You need to choose slightly tighter than your regular bra, but lose enough to breathe properly. You do not have to compromise with your comfortability. Make sure that straps are not digging into your shoulders, the cup size is right,and fabric is smooth.

In order to ensure that you have purchased the right sports bra, raise your hands above your head. If the elastic band is changing its position and riding up your rib cage then you need to opt for a smaller one. You may eliminate this problem by adjusting the straps. You need to check it before you check in a gymnasium.


Yoga pants are the most sought-after attire for women who are doing yoga, but you can also try capris. They have perfect length to give you flexibility to perform all the yoga postures. If you have opted for thick cotton capris, then it will not leave you embarrassed when you will raise your legs. You need to avoid buying those pants, which are overly loose because it will not only slide up, it will also cause discomfort when you are lying on your stomach and doing upside down poses.

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