Your Guide to Evaluating Weed Quality

Your Guide to Evaluating Weed Quality

If you are not an experienced user, it is easy to mindlessly pick an online weed dispensary. If you are lucky, you will have the best experience but if not, you end up wasting your time and resources. You should not leave everything to luck when choosing a dispensary because there is a systematic way to find the right one for you.

You should start by understanding that not all dispensaries are created equal. The goal here is to find the right one that can give you quality products. Fortunately, you can rely on reviews. A trustworthy dispensary will provide reviews from other users who have bought the product from them. While you are at it, you should also check if the dispensary conducts tests on their products to ensure that it is of good quality and safe to consume.

Since you are new, it can help if you know how to evaluate the weed quality. This way, you can either return it or not buy from that dispensary again. So, here’s how to evaluate weed quality:

Check the color of the weed

Basically, good quality weed should be green in color with some undertones of orange and sometimes purple. If you receive brown weed, it indicates bad weed quality. You have to be wary because brown weed may contain mold, pesticides, and chemicals, which can harm you if you smoke.

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Look for crystals

A properly grown weed can produce buds that are densely packed with ripe trichomes, which is characterised by visible crystals on the bud surface. You should remember that a quality bud should be covered in trichomes that sparkle like crystals while poor buds will lack coverage.

Determine the orange hair count

The bud should feature a lot of orange or red hairs, which means the plant was well pollinated. The orange or red hairs are called pistils. For your reference, sativa buds are covered with more pistils compared to indica buds. The pistils are also dispersed throughout the bud – not just clustered in some areas.

Check the texture

A quality weed should be sticky – or at least a good mix of dryness and wetness. If the weed is too dry, it can burn too fast. Check this out, you have to store it properly to prevent the weed from drying out.

Determine the distinct smell

Always put in mind that quality buds have a pungent or skunky smell. This smell can indicate high terpene content. Inferior buds smell like hay or alfalfa. For your reference, coffee and chocolate-like scents indicate an indica strain while acidic notes characterise sativa strains.

Know the taste

In general, good weed tastes fresh. If it tastes off, it is not a good idea to smoke it. If at the onset you see evidence of mold and pests, do not smoke it.

Final words

With these, you can surely find an Online Dispensary Canada. Bear in mind that whatever dispensary you consider, always mind the difference between good quality and bad quality weed. If you try to smoke a bad quality weed, you will end up hurting yourself.

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