When planning your wedding, keeping organized and working with checklists is the best idea to avoid any confusion. While it’s easy to create a checklist that is common to weddings, some of them might be challenging because they are an optional requirement. One such checklist that may seem challenging is a checklist to hire a wedding DJ. To help you nail this, here’s a list of things you should ask your DJ to consider when playing at your wedding.

Genres you expect

It’s important to let the DJ know about your preference in genre and tones so that he knows what exactly to play. Generally, professional DJs have playlists fordifferent occasions that are genre specific. So, once you make it clear what genre you prefer, it would be easier for your wedding DJ to either work on an already existing playlist or come up with a new, customized playlist for you.

How to introduce you

If you’re planning to make your Ottawa DJ announce your names as you enter for the reception, make sure you discuss it with the DJ. This would get you both on the same page so that he only uses the right kind of words to introduce you and your bride/groom to be. There are a number of ways of addressing newlyweds, and you wouldn’t want to be introduced in a way you won’t prefer.

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What you don’t want

For added details and to make sure there is nothing you hate, specify certain tracks that you wouldn’t like being played. If you have track suggestions from family members, make sure you mention that as well. Whether it’s you or your fiancé, making sure you list out the tracks that you don’t like as that would help the DJ make a better playlist.

The theme

Knowing the exact theme of the wedding, if you have one, will help your DJ to align himself with the theme. Whether it’s the music or additional equipment, like lights, the DJ will try his best to match the theme if that is what you want.

Ask your DJ how long he would play for and if he would be flexible enough to accommodate a few more tracks upon requests from guests. With all that being said, you don’t have to worry much or ask too many questions. Professional DJs have been in the business for a long time and would’ve hosted events like these plenty of times. While you can tell them what you expect, don’t nitpick. And while they listen to you, make sure you ask them what’s their idea and how they would like to work with it. Some general guidelines would be enough to get the job done.

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