Safety tips for using eyelash extensions

Safety tips for using eyelash extensions

The eyelash extensions are the current eye beauty makeup trend where the greatestnumber of girls is fascinated widely in using it. Apart from applying eyeliner, mascara to enhance their eye beauty, many people prefer these eyelash extensions a lot from topmost professional lash supplies today.It is the best occasional eye beauty makeup as well.

Let’s focus on some safety tips to make use of eyelash extensions properly:


  • Initially keeping them clean is the essential requirement that you are supposed to do for intended. Especially pre-care and post-care must be taken if you want the eyelash extensions to be used for an extended period safely.
  • The best safety measure you have to focus on removing your eye makeup is cleanser only. Do not make use of cotton pads or puffs at any cost for removing eye makeup if you have applied with eyelash extensions.
  • You are supposed to say no to oily cosmetic products, especially if you are in use of these eyelash extensions. So, try to choose the cosmetics that are oil-free zones and fundamentally, it should not affect the lash extension longevity.Maybe beside these many restrictions realize you the demand of eyelash extensions today.This is why many experts advise you to prefer professional lash supplies like Stacy lash products exclusively.

professional lash supplies

  • Some girls love to wear up mascara to their eyelash extensions on the eve of special occasions. It is also possible on some eyelash extensions too. Here you can even wear up mascara that is brought up for eyelash extensions only. You can prefer this type happily. But if you want your lash extensions to stay for an extended time, then you need to prefer water-based mascara only. Besides that, you have to apply a single coat and that too this mascara should be applied to the eyelash extension tips only.

Things to ignore while applying for eyelash extensions:

  • There will be temporarily lost of eyelash extensions today due to infections or any allergic reactions. So, try to use as occasional as possible.
  • If you want to use eyelash extensions regularly, make sure of complications if any that might affect you. But you can make use of eyelash extensions for a temporary basis that might have a probability of reducing dry eyes risk in the future.

Finally, there will be only temporary causes with these eyelash extensions, and it will not affect your eyelids at all if you are applying it correctly. Otherwise, take the help of esthetician if you are unaware of its usage.

If you are going through esthetician observe the following:

  • Make sure of the esthetician is professional and certified or not. Double check whether he came from the well-known company or not.
  • Moreover,check about his hygiene factors like his finger neatness and allnecessary before allowing him to apply eyelash extensions to you.Go through the adhesives of the eyelashes with the ingredients it has and then only ask the esthetician to uselash extensions for you.


Hence specialsafety tips are essential for maintaining eyelash extensions and keep a note of all the above-discussed tips if you are using it for the first time.

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