Fix Tattoos Without Pain Using Natural Remedies

At some point in life, almost every person thinks about getting a tattoo. And the worst thing is that most people regret having a tattoo after a particular time period. Whether it is eyebrow tattoo removal or any other tattoo on your body, there are some DIY methods that can help you remove the permanent tattoos at home.

Even though Scientific methods are fast and 90% effective, not everyone has the luxury to afford the treatments. Thus, these natural ways will help you to get rid of your tattoo using the old-school techniques.

1: Lemon and Honey:

Without any doubt, using lemon and honey together is the best natural tattoo removal method. Since lemon acts as a bleaching agent and honey are popularly known for its regenerative properties, using them together will be the perfect blend. Take one teaspoon of lemon and mix it with one spoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your tattoo every day and gradually, the tattoo will fade away up to an extent.

eyebrow tattoo removal

2: Salabrasion:

It is not a brilliant technique but it is often used by people. You will take to scrub down the tattoo using salt until the skin appears red. The area will then be covered in bandages for a 3 days period. It is more like an exfoliation method where you rub your skin. But be careful while doing it especially around the sensitive body parts. It is advised that you don’t use this method as eyebrow tattoo removal as it can hurt your eyes and leave long-lasting damage. You can make the scrub at home or buy one online.

3: Lemon Juice and Salt:

Just like Salabrasion, this mixture is also rubbed against the skin to get effective results. Take 100 grams of salt with lemon juice and soak the cotton pad in it. Rub the solution all over your tattoo until it is absorbed by the skin. Repeat this procedure every day until you get results.

4: Aloe Vera:

Another natural tattoo removal method is using Aloe Vera. Some people have very sensitive skin and the above methods can be harsh for their skin. But the answer to the problem is Aloe Vera. Just mix the fresh Aloe Vera gel with yogurt and apply the mixture on the tattoo almost every day. It will work for small and big sized tattoos but you have to be patient to see visible results.

5: Apple Cider Vinegar:

For eyebrow tattoo removal, you can try out using Apple Cider Vinegar. Just dab a cotton ball in the solution and dab the cotton on the tattoo. However, you might have to rub the tattoo with sandpaper so that the ACV gets absorbed by the skin. Eventually, the tattoo will start to fade away on its own.

Instead of trying out the expensive methods, you can switch to these natural remedies. But you need to wait and let the ingredients work effectively as the time passes by.

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