Coffee Can Help With Weight Loss – Find Out Here!

Coffee Can Help With Weight Loss – Find Out Here!

Coffee diet is paving its way as a new diet plan for many. It involves drinking a couple of cups of coffee daily while having a calorie deficit. Other people have been reported with short-term weight loss while following the diet. But just like any other diet, there are also some downsides.

Today’s article will talk about coffee, including its health benefits.

Coffee Diet: What Is It? 

The coffee diet became popular after Dr. Bob Arnot wrote the book “The Coffee Lover’s Diet.” According to the book, it claims that drinking a cup of coffee several times can improve the state of your metabolism. It burns more fats, decreases your appetite, and block calorie absorption resulting in weight loss.

According to him, he was inspired to create a book by studying the lives of people on a small island in Greece called Ikaria. This island has a large population of fit and healthy older people. He believes that the secret of the people from that island is because they intake antioxidant sugar-free black coffee.


How does Coffee Diet work? 

If you want to try this diet plan, you should consume a minimum of 3 cups or 720 ml of light-roasted coffee per day (without sugar and creamer). According to koffiezetapparaten, lightly roasted coffee has a more abundant aroma and full of antioxidants compared to a darker roast.

The importance of coffee depends on how you brewed it. He recommends having a lightly roasted coffee that can be ground at home by using filtered water. On this diet, you can have as many as you want, regardless if it’s caffeinated or decaffeinated. Keep in mind that this diet coffee will only work if you don’t put any sugar and creamer on it, just plain black.

It is also advisable to replace a meal per day with homemade and high-fiber veggies and fruits green smoothie. Also, another meal or snack should be low in calories and rich in fiber. Avoid processed foods like frozen meals or snack foods. If you want to lose weight, maintain your daily calorie intake for about 1500 calories.

Coffee Diet Benefits

Coffee is a proven beverage that is full of caffeine and antioxidants, known as polyphenols. These antioxidants have multiple health benefits which lessen the inflammation and repair free radical damage.

So when it comes to weight loss, coffee has proved its worth by having a health benefit that increases a person’s metabolism.

Increases in Metabolism

Caffeinated coffee can increase the amount of fat you burn, making it easier for a person to lose weight. Research has been found that larger caffeine intake is linked with weight loss, fat mass, and body mass index.

Moreover, coffee can also boost the amount of excess fat you burn every work out. According to a study, seven healthy men who worked out for a minimum of 30 minutes and consumed a cup of coffee has burned more fat compared to men who drank water.

If you plan to lose weight by using this type of diet, make sure to have a calorie deficit. Remove any sugar from your meal and avoid eating too many carbohydrates.

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