7 Celebrities that Love Gucci

Is it a surprise that celebrities love Gucci products? It’s stylish, sophisticated and there’s always an alluring charm to Gucci’s style – whatever the product might be. These celebrities below have been spotted wearing Gucci products on more than just one occasion, and they sure are rocking it!

Kendall Jenner


The Kardashian family has always been known for their wild styles and sense of fashion. Kendall Jenner is not the black sheep of the family in this case!

Here, she is spotted in a leopard print coat paired with what looks like latex pants and loafer-front Gucci boots. You can see the typical Gucci colours – green and red bands and the small golden logo on the side.

Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek being a Gucci supporter is definitely no surprise – her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault heads Kering, the company that owns Gucci.

Pictured above, she’s seen wearing a golden Gucci dress for the 2018 LACMA Art + Film Gala. An avid fan of Gucci, she’s seen wearing other casual Gucci styles even on other occasions and at smaller events.


This singer has been known to love Gucci for a while now. She sported an entire outfit featuring Gucci in one of her Instagram posts in February 2018.

Rihanna has always been famous for her fierce fashion styles, but this full Gucci outfit here steps up to a whole new level! In this image, she has a classic Gucci bag and a gorgeous brown leather Gucci coat thrown over her shoulders. Who would not want to be dressed head to toe in Gucci?

Blake Lively


Blake Lively did not limit herself to Gucci’s fabrics and accessories – she also premiered in Gucci’s new perfume, Gucci Première.

This star is known for her bold fashion choices, often consisting of bright colours rather than neutral tones. In this accompanying image, she is seen wearing Gucci’s floral suit to New York’s premiere of ‘A Simple Favour’.

Brad Pitt


Who said that Gucci wearables are for women only? When Brad Pitt attended the reception for Maleficent, he wore Gucci from head to toe.

This male actor pictured mostly stuck to more conventional Gucci fashion choices. In his attendance to his wife’s movie premiere, he presented in a sleek and business-like style.

Kate Moss


No stranger to the modelling scene, Kate Moss has modelled for several major fashion brands, including Gucci, Calvin Klein, Chanel and several others.

You can expect Kate Moss to have a great sense of fashion – and that’s true! Even in this picture, Kate is seen posing for Gucci’s Jackie Soft Bag – an accessory that goes along well with her leopard print coat.

Camella Belle


Camilla Belle would be one of the ladies with the poise and charm that fits the Gucci brand persona perfectly. It’s no surprise that this star is chosen to be the brand ambassador for the iconic fashion brand!

Even in the accompanying image, Camilla perfected the look of Gucci’s two-piece mint dress with a floral-patterned Gucci bag.

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