Therapies to mould you into a new individual

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term therapy? Therapies are focussed to help an individual to understand how their behavior affects their lifestyle and the different methods on how to cope up with it. Frankly speaking, behavior goes a long way in shaping up our character. Some people find it hard to behave themselves towards other during stressful situations. This is where can help you. Any positive approach towards anything and everything you do is something you need to take care of every time. If you are finding it very difficult to develop a positive attitude and behavior towards anything, it is better to undergo a behavior therapy. Behavior therapy refers to that therapy that measures your actions, behaviour and your approach to improve your approach towards anything you do and this time, with a positive outlook. Behavior therapy includes some steps and procedures that includes:


  • Monitoring yourself – This is one thing every therapist asks you to do – to keep a note of everything you do and how you feel when you do something. Be it the silliest of the events, make a note of it. This is can help you a long way in helping yourself when you attend the next session. Suppose the patient’s weekly activities include television, listening to music and shuttling to and from the office, he/she will make a note of it and show it to the therapist. The therapist understands that the patient is spending too much time with himself/herself and there is an increasing need to socialise to improve positive attitude. So during the next session, both the therapist and the patent sit down and sort out a list of activities where there will be some interaction with the outside world. The patient would be advised to go out for dinner with his colleagues or his friend. If this goes according to the plan, more activities will be discussed in the upcoming sessions. If something does not goes by the plan, the therapist understands what went wrong and corrects it the next. Visit to find a counsellor now.
  • Modification of behavior – The therapist makes the patient transform into a new individual – slowly and steadily. When the patient does something the therapists ask them to do, they can reward themselves with something. For example, the therapists ask the patients to gift themselves a snooker stick if they reduce their television watching hours.

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