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The Modern Take on Saree Drape Styles for Newly-weds

Every girl dreams of having a perfect wedding, we all wait for our prince charming to come on a white horse to take us along and have a blissful married life ahead. I can totally understand that you are very busy planning for your big day and that has to be the grandest event of your life.

Trying to get in shape, getting your clothes stitched, getting fit into those, taking care of your regular beauty regime, all the appointments with your wedding planners, make-up artists, photographers, preparing your trousseau and of course spending some last special days at your own home, you are pretty much stuffed with all these.

But how about the days after all this will happen!? What’s your take for that!? What to wear, how to get draped into those nine yards and leave your best impression on your husband’s family and now yours as well. I know you must have tried a few handloom sarees and done with the blouses fittings as well.

Dressing like a pre-historic queen on wedding is every girl’s dream. The perfect dress, the perfect colour and it should go along well with your body type are few things we all need to take care of especially if it’s your big day. When you choose any particular ensemble for you always keep your body type in your mind. With modern fashion times, you can easily go through a number of styles as per you body type. But one women ensemble that doesn’t differentiate is Saree! What’s better than getting wrapped in the nine yards of magic, right ladies!?

handloom sarees

Sarees were, are and will always be in trend. They are the constant fashion in the temporary and ever changing world. And the best part is even in today’s world girls love wearing sarees and taking forward the traditional legacy. You must be bored of draping the same Kanjeevaram and Banarasi saree with those old styles. You can try the casual printed sarees and sway like a diva.

As a modern girl of 21st century and with the evolving fashion industry, there are a number of new styles added in the list of draping style. Then why not try something unconventional this season!?

These amazing saree draping ideas from India’s top designers and stylists will not only make you go wow, but also get you all inspired for your upcoming experiments with the ever-versatile saree. You can still remain in vogue by experimenting with your saree draping style even after getting married.

Create the magic with the traditional values with modern styles. You can leave these heavy material or fabric sarees behind and try draping casual printed sarees in modern style.

You can try the half saree draping style which is inspired by south Indian saree tradition. You can try this draping style by using two different saree lengths – one to create the “skirt” of the saree, and the other one for draped pallu.

Pant style draping is also available for give you some serious inspiration. Drape the saree with a pant or leggings and rock wherever you go.

The front drape is a traditional way of wearing the saree, common to many parts of India. Try handloom sarees for this particular style and impress everyone in your new family!

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