The Bittersweet Drink that Brings Us Together

Coffee, from the earliest accounts, dates back to the 15th century and possibly even earlier. Religion was even involved in its creation but it is really not important. This bittersweet, amazing, and energizing cup of drink seems to have the power to make everything better. In the morning it is the habit of almost every normal human being to go to their pantry and have a steaming hot cup of coffee. Coffee is like an invitation for being close. When someone invites you over for a cup of coffee, the ice will be broken as coffee has the power to relax and at the same time invigorate a person.

Coffee Has Woven Itself into Daily Lives

     The mere act of drinking coffee has woven itself into people’s daily lives, This is even more apparent in the workplace, where coffee drinking is part of the ritual especially during coffee breaks. Coffee Is talked about constantly. Coffee is also one of the most diverse drinks available so you can be sure that there is one for every possible taste. It can be Iced, hot, small, large, sweet or bitter and you can be sure that there is a coffee variant just about for everyone. There are literally people unable to function without their first dose of a daily coffee fix. In every home or office, whether you are pouring a drip style coffee drink, a fancy espresso machine, or the ever trusty french press, you can be sure that whoever you serve coffee too will have a better day because of it.

Coffee Is A Break From The Daily Grind

     More than just a drink, it is a break from the screen, from the technology that we depend so much on. And in this context, this by far can be coffee’s greatest contribution to giving people at work their much-needed break from the screens. This brings perspective and brings clarity to the drinker. Maybe giving them clearer and fresher ideas on whatever they are facing at work. A coffee area in the office is also great for brainstorming and collaboration, as coffee is also known for its nootropic or brain enhancing characteristics. This makes this beverage perfect for the workplace.

Having Good Quality Coffee In The office is Already Bragging Rights

    When your workplace has great coffee being served in the pantry, it is the envy of other office workers from other companies. This is like telling the world that you are working for the best company ever. Caffeine can be seen as a great motivator not just the drink by itself because if the company will spend the time, effort and expenses into the quality of coffee it gives its employees during their breaks, how much more so would they on the things that really matter right? like their salaries and benefits. A dual-purpose gesture, because the drink itself lends energy,  and can unlock your creative juices as you work.

The Takeaway

      Just sharing in the act of drinking coffee can break tensions. While holding a cup in your hand, you instantly warm up to another person doing the same thing. You are doing something that is common. Just the act of nodding to that person also holding a cup will break any tension, making communication instantly easier. Coffee just makes everyone easier to work with.

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