The 2018 Non-Traditional Wedding Makeup Ideas

The 2018 Non-Traditional Wedding Makeup Ideas

Many women these days want to shy away from the traditional wedding makeup looks. There are plenty of non-traditional makeup styles that you would be able to incorporate into your wedding makeup ideas. If you try searching for it online, there are so plenty for you to choose from.

This is the trend for weddings these days. And this is the reason why it is best to hire the best wedding makeup artist ahead of time. Professional wedding makeup artists know what’s the latest trend. So if you want to look different from all of the other brides who came before you in the family, it is time to check out these amazing makeup ideas for 2018.

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The Goddess Glow. It’s your wedding day! If you want to have the full “goddess look”, have a 24-carat golden glow. This will usually start with a bronzed base, strobe, highlight, and add more strobes to achieve the look.

The Festive Look. If you are going to have a beach wedding, this is the perfect makeup to match your shoes-off, flowers in your hair look. Your makeup artist can decorate your face with tiny flowers to add a more festive look.

Get The 50’s Classic Look. Who says you can’t wear a red lipstick on your wedding day? If you are a fiery red lipstick kind of girl, then there’s no need for you to go subtle by going nude. Be you, especially on your wedding day.

The Barely There. Barely There makeup or nude makeup is the thing these days. If you want to show off those healthy, glowing skin that you have been working on to achieve for months, then it’s time to do it on your wedding day. Not all women are comfortable with a full-on makeup.

The Millennial Pink. Young brides don’t want to look 10 years older on their wedding day. Enjoy the trend and achieve those Insta-likes on your wedding day. Pink is the thing. You can opt for a pastel pink if you want to.

Being born in the 20th century, many brides would want to be themselves on their wedding day. Not every woman would want to go beige on their big day. It’s time to recreate and bring an extra oomph while you walk down the aisle. Don’t go crazy with your experiments though. You wouldn’t want to look at your wedding pictures and cringe years from now. Consult your makeup artist and see what can be done to achieve the look but would still make you look elegant.

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