One in a Minion Fun Gift

The Minions are small yellow capsule shaped creatures who dress in blue overalls and goggles. They first appeared as a cartoon character in an animation film called Despicable me  as the followers of  evil Gru , the bad man of the movie. They serve Gru and try to please him by doing all the tasks given by him. Even though Minions were not the main protagonist of the film, the world took notice of them, and they became an overnight sensation. They became so popular that Universal studios released a movie on Minions called Minionism in 2015 which did very well worldwide.

These little yellow pint size, gibberish talking critters, are  impulsive creatures with wide eyed innocence, which make them very endearing and relatable to the audience.  The language that they use, even though which was not understood by people , their child like behavior , their giggling in every situation made people love them and increase their mass appeal. They have the capability to carry the entire movie on them without making it boring for the audience. Their perpetual failure in completing any task given to them, made them  worthy of number of jokes and memes, which can be seen floating in social media.  Their characterization is such that they can be effortlessly coupled with any joke, feeling or an idiom without offending any one. Their fame has made them  into internet sensation and they are known world over.

The mass appeal of Minions and their craze among kids made the marketers take out a number of merchandise for them. There are many minion gifts for adults as well all over in the market. They can be seen on all the products , which are used by the kids, be it their school supplies, apparels or sport equipment.

Since the Minions were even loved by adults, they also found a place on stuff used by them.

We can find Laptop bags, tablet sleeves and mobile phone covers, head phones with Minion prints and they become ideal gift for an adult Minion fan. The coffee mugs with Minion and their quotes are also very popular amongst them. Minion wine glasses , decals, cushions, pillows , mason jars, shot glasses and even lamp shades are available which can be given as a gift to a Minion fan.

All kind of apparels from t-shirts to ties, canvass shoes  are also known to be liked by a Minion fan. The Minion art prints with beautiful Minion quotes adore the walls of many Minion fan across the world. Minions are also there for their female fans in the form of bracelet charms, nail art decals, aprons , tote bags and even on  rolling pins and chopping boards to name a few.

We can say there is a Minion for every Minion fan and for any age group. BEE-DO-BEE-DO!!

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