Is the Baby Jumper Safe for your Infants? And What You Must Consider?

We must have seen an uplifting and adorable video of babies laughing happily as they get to jump up and down on a cute baby jumper. If you are planning to buy a baby activity jumper for your little one, here, we have listed everything you need to know about a baby jumper.

What Is A Baby Jumper?

Well, a baby jumper is basically a seat that is attached to an elastic strand on both the sides. Your baby sits on their seats with their little toes barely touching the floor. They have to push their toes on the floor and the elastic bands make them jump up and down. Also, as they come down, they have to kick their little toe again to the floor in order to jump again. And this jumping process gives your wee one’s lot of delight.

baby activity jumper

The Different Types of Jumpers Available In the Market

There are 3 main types of jumpers available in the market, read on to know more:

  • Stationary jumper: This is one of the simplest types of the baby jumper. It has a seat and elastic straps along with a metal frame. The frame tends to hold the sear and the straps together.
  • Baby Activity jumper: It is similar to the stationary jumper, but has an additional fixture of a tray that is full of activity toys. The activity toys can be a mixture of sound as well as some visual treats that triggers the hand movements of the baby. Here, the basic idea to buy this jumper to keep your baby entertained.
  • Doorway jumper: This jumper comes with a seat, elastic strand and a clamp that can easily be attached to the frame of your doors. The main advantage about this jumper is that they take a very little space when compared to the other two baby jumper available in the market. Some common disadvantages are that you have to make sure that you have a strong doorway that can fit the clamp easily.

What is the Right Age for Using Baby Jumper?

Many baby jumpers manufacturer always mention the minimum age for using their product on the pack itself. Here, the generally followed thumb rule is if your little one can support his head alone, then he is ready to have a jumper.

Uses of Baby Jumper

Baby jumper has 3 main uses:

  • It keeps your baby highly entertained
  • It helps to channel the excess energy of your baby
  • Parents who have baby jumpers for their infants have claimed that their babies sleep soundly at night.

There are a number of people who also claim that jumpers can help developing the leg muscles and the motor developments of your baby. However, this can be a little debatable.

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