How To Properly Wear a Viking Arm Ring

Norse-era armbands were commonly worn as symbols of power and status in society. It displayed the wealth and social influence of whoever wore them. During the Viking age, commercial transactions were made in precious metals like gold and silver, and therefore flaunting an armband or arm ring was the equivalent of carrying currency today.

Shown on television shows like the “Vikings”, Viking arm rings or viking armband are available for purchase in the market from jewelers who specialize in historical jewelry. These armbands were typically worn by men, highlighting their biceps and symbolizing a high status in society.

There is a tradition associated with how you should wear an armband from the Viking era.

Ringing the arm

Armbands are made of metal, usually precious metal like gold or silver. This lets the Vikings keep their wealth on their person while displaying social status. It also serves as currency when making transactions for goods and services. A lord would present an armband as a gift for warriors who had displayed bravery and grit during wars. This was to signify a relationship based on trust and loyalty. Thus, anyone who wears an armband would take great care of it as it symbolized their actions in favor of the king.

Traditional armbands are made by twisting a thin rod and a wire of beaded gold or silver. First, measurements are taken of the arm on which the band is to be worn on. Today, commercial armbands come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that it can fit arms of all sizes. Modern armbands also incorporate figures like boars, bears, snakes or dragons at their end to add flair to the band.

Choosing the right fit

When buying an armband, be careful to ensure that if fits snugly on the bicep of your arm. This means that the band should be flexible enough to adapt to the size of the arm. Sellers usually obtain a tape measurement of the upper arm before deciding the right fit for the buyer in terms of size.

Today, a viking armband is not made of gold or silver, but with stainless steel, helping to bring down costs considerably. But authentic gold armbands are available in the collector’s market, although they host several hundred dollars to acquire. Most rings use marine grade steel, which is durable and also gives out a luster that radiates an aura of invincibility for the wearer. Some models also come with braided leather wrist bands that give a classier and more elegant look to the armband.

Another point to note is that there are several fake armbands doing the rounds on the market. Do no be duped into buying low quality products that are prone to faster wear and tear.

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