Gym Clothing to Avoid

There is a wide variety of gym clothing you can buy, and certain types that you must avoid. We list the clothes to avoid wearing at the gym.

Going to the gym is one of the things you do to maintain a fit body. Exercise in any form or location, whether cycling in the great outdoors or sweating it out in the gym, is beneficial for all. A gym workout is best for those who have never exercised before, and who need to get a certain level of fitness before they can attempt more strenuous workout. It structures the exercise routine by dividing each day’s work out between weight training and aerobic exercise.

But what you wear to the gym can make a big difference to your state of mind and quality of exercise. It is not just about picking up a great set of Nike T shirts or pair of expensive shoes. It is about picking the clothing that can enhance your workout, not take away from it. You can ruin your exercise routine by wearing the wrong clothes – and we’ve listed the potential problem ones:

* Full cotton tees or track pants.

Cotton is certainly a comfortable fabric that lets your skin breathe. But it is not a good choice for gym clothing. You might be tempted to rummage around in your wardrobe for an old cotton tee to wear for your morning run or gym workout. But while cotton tends to absorb copious amounts of sweat, it does not dry as quickly as it should. This means that your cotton tee or track bottoms will remain damp for longer, and soon begin to give off an odour. Instead of cotton, wear a dri-fit or sweat wicking Nike T shirt designed specifically for quick sweat absorption and drying.

* Loose tank tops for women.

This might rile up your inner feminist, but wearing loose tank taps to the gym seldom ends well. You might not think it’s such a big deal, but you might still end up feeling uncomfortable every time you bend and discover somebody has been looking down your top. It affects your exercise and it is simply not worth the trouble. Instead of tank tops, you can invest in Nike Indiatees for a better workout experience.

* Bike shorts.

Bike shorts are meant to serve a function. They provide essential support to your hips and thighs, and to also absorb sweat when you’re engaged in rigorous activity. But they are to be worn more as underclothing than outer wear. So showing up to the gym wearing tight bike shorts is a strict ‘No’, for both men and women. By design, they tend to hug all the contours of the body and reveal every line of the human figure. If you wear bike shorts, wear track pants over them, or a loose pair of cotton shorts. Nike India has a wide variety of shorts and track pants to choose from.

* Loose or too tight underwear.

The best underwear for exercise is cotton, snug fit underwear. It allows the skin to breathe without becoming itchy. However, the fit is important – too loose, and it will ride up, too tight and it will affect your movement. Also avoid fabrics like nylon or rayon – these cause chafing with sweat.

Avoid the items on this list and you will be fine for all your workouts. Whip out your favourite shopping app and look for Nike India merchandise to pick the best of workout clothing.

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