Feed braid: unconventional hairstyle

Feed in braids are long cornrow that are natural and looks as if grown straight from scalp. These hairstyles are quite trending among those have extremely thick and curly hair which is hard to maintain. Feeder braids is a technique by which the braid looks longer than it seems built all naturally without adding any artificial extension. The best part is that feed braids comes in different shapes and sizes which makes these hairstyles more happening. Let’s look in to different types of feed braids:

Types of feeder braids

When it comes to feed braid technique plays an important role than naming each style. Different names are given to this hairstyle in different countries. However, some common styles and their name that is trending are: first crochet braid; this is the easiest and less fussy style. Then there are goddess locks that have inspired many well-known all over the globe. It’s quite manageable and looks great for every occasion. There is short feed braid for those who have naturally short hair. They make the short untamed air look neat and disciplined. Regular feed in braids is the most common among the feed in braids. They make the braid look naturally long. For those who are on a hurry and don’t want to give more time for experimenting hairstyles then they can opt for jumbo feed in braids.

One can simply do a two cornrow or four and there you are ready to go. Double braids up do is yet another simple but trendy look. All you have to do is regular feed on both sides until four sections are done and then tie the ends in to a bun, that’s it you are done for any casual get together. Snake feed in braids looks like normal braid with wavier style. One just has to form waves and spiral it just like the snake. Then comes the Criss Cross goddess braid which looks hell complicated but actually is very easy to do. This is very elegant looking hairstyle which doesn’t need you to sit for hours in front of mirror. Fine cornrow is one of the most common and favourite among women around the globe. Here, the hair is divided into many smaller sections that makes it look like a pro. It is also considered as a protective hairstyle. And the best part is that this hairstyle stays the way it is for almost weeks without getting tangled. There are also some combinations of feed in braid that looks not only perfect but also has become favourite for many reasons. Some of them are

  • Jumbo-micro cornrow bun: looks stylish on any kind of hair be it long or short, the classy hairstyle is quite popular among ladies and hairstylist have brought back the classic iconic cornrow giving it modern twist.
  • Centre parted braids -fishtail: for those who like to experiment new looks and give a bold touch then this hairstyle is the one for you. All you have to do is part hair centre neatly and make braids on the sides. Then make fishtail exactly from your neck area.

From centuries, hairstyle has been an important part of a women’s life. It not only makes her look beautiful and elegant but also plays an important role to boost her self-confidence.  Try this extraordinary braids and look like a pro.

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