Exceptional Opportunities Regarding Wholesale Scooter Purchase

Scooters do not have the same power and battery capacity, and it naturally differs from one motorcycle to the other. For this reason, its maximum speed is usually six kilometers per hour. The speed also depends on the terrain and the weight of the user. The models also vary concerning the autonomy and the distances they can cover with the battery fully charged. The autonomies vary between 13 and 20 kilometers. In a terrain that is not flat but inclined, the batteries are depleted faster than flat and smooth surfaces. Also heavier users require more energy to travel.

Number of Wheels

Lightweight folding scooters usually come with three or four wheels. The choice depends on the user and how worried he is about stability. Three-wheeled scooters, with two rear wheels and one front wheel, may be less stable than four-wheel models. The main advantage is that its turning radius is smaller and gives them better maneuverability at the corners. Besides, they offer more space to place the legs, which is useful for taller users or those with joint problems. Many consider buying the most stable four-wheel mobility scooters. The 4-wheel models are particularly suitable for people with balance problems. Some models of four wheels have the two front wheels placed closer to have a better turning radius. The wholesale scooter dealers will help you out here.

Scooter Batteries

The folding scooters are very light scooters that usually have 10V or 12V batteries that are recharged by plugging them into the electrical network. The different types of batteries we find in the market are lead acid, nickel-metal hydride, and lithium batteries. Of the three categories, those that usually incorporate folding scooters are lithium batteries. Lithium batteries have the highest energy density, which means a more significant source of energy than a lighter battery.

Good News

A folding scooter is preferred since it can usually work with a single lithium battery and the weight is generally very little. It is advisable to buy a folding scooter, order the distributor an additional extra battery. This will give us much greater autonomy. Having a backup battery is useful in case of an unexpected battery failure or that the original battery is depleted with use.

We Fly in a Plane

Another advantage of folding electric scooters is that we can check them on airplanes when we travel. This type of scooters can be easily loaded in the aircraft hold. Not all types of batteries are authorized for air transport. It is allowed to carry sealed lead acid batteries and nickel metal hydride, as well as lithium batteries, although within limits. Larger lithium batteries, such as the ones used in a motorcycle, should not have more than 25 grams of lithium equivalent content (ELC). Regulations may vary from one airline to the other.


Travelers should check with their airline to confirm that their battery is allowed. Besides, there may be regulations on the proper requirements for storage, such as carrying the battery in a sealed bag. Many scooters already indicate “approved batteries for airlines.” If buyers have any questions, they can ask the manufacturer for information to get more details. The wholesale scooter dealers are the worthy ones in any case.

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