Emerging trends in the field of time

A stitch in time saves nine.

We all have been hearing this since childhood. But, the importance of time got pretty more understood with the increased use of smart watches. A large number of people had stopped wearing watches with the easy to handle mobile phones. But, as time preceded people came to understand that just like mobile phones and internet connectivity, wrist watches are also an integral part. Technology keeps up its progress in all spheres. Wrist watches are one of them. Patek Philippe offers some very stylish and designer watches for your to choose.

The evolution of trends in wrist watches can be summarized as follows:

  • In the 15th century, the first portable watch came into existence followed by the launch of pocket watches in the 18th
  • Gradually, the pocket watches up graded to gadget watches and finally paving its way onto a person’s wrist.
  • In 1926, the idea of dust and water resistant watches further advanced the field of watch technology.
  • Then came the electronic wrist watches with high accuracy in keeping time.

Patek Philippe

  • And a little later, as the computer entered into partnership with clock, the calculator digital wrist watch was born.
  • And what we could expect more than the present day smart watches which would answer your phone calls as well on the go. They can even click pictures. The next time you want to tease your sister showing her funny faces she made while eating ice cream, wear a smartwatch and wait for the right moment to capture.
  • A classic swatch watch is again coming back. So, one would never be bored as the wrist watch market is booming with the great range of improvised products each day.

The next time you go for a meeting and the only thing which is distracting you from listening to the speaker is his stylish yet classic wrist watch, don’t blame your attention deficit. It might be the catchy make of the wrist watch. Many a times, we go to buy a watch but end up buying the most common variety. The very next moment we see a person carrying the little off beat watch well with an informal attire, we start developing a fetish for it. The solution! Try out the new varieties with the added features and lead the trend.Are you bored of wearing the high tech watches and want to go back to the old school model? Nothing to grieveabout. The old school watches are equally famous among various generations till date. The wrist watches are in the market with such variety of trends that some women may skip their jeweled bangles and wear a statement wrist watch authentically designed for occasion purpose. Big dials or small ones, leather straps or PU straps or metal straps, low budget ones to exclusive timepieces flaunting your status, whether to want to keep your style simple or to stand out of the crowd, the wrist watch market has it all.

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