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Wedding Dress Alterations: What You need to Know

So you’ve picked your perfect dress among the many wedding dresses you’re tried on. But wait, you’re not ready for that wedding march yet. That wedding dress would still need some sort of alterations before it can truly be perfectly yours making you shine on your wedding day.

Here are some things you need to know about wedding dress alterations:  

  • The best time to go

Bring it early and you might increase and reduce in weight later on so you won’t have a perfect fit. And bringing it late may not give the professionals enough time to make those alterations.

Most recommendations allow 2-3 months from the first fitting to your final one as an ideal timeline to make alterations on your gown. And depending on the extent of what you wanted done on your gown, you may need to come back 3-4 times more.

  • The place and person to go to

If you’ve purchased your wedding dress at a bridal salon then maybe they offer alterations as part of their service and even package. If not, like if you’ve purchased it online, you may need a professional seamstress or tailor who specializes in wedding gowns and not just any seamstress or tailor because of the intricacies of a wedding gown.

Wedding Dress

  • The things you need to bring

Bring your whole wedding attire ensemble, like your shoes and undergarments, so the professionals can perfectly fit your wedding gown according to your overall wedding day look.

  • The people you bring with you

It may not be best to bring the whole entourage into your fittings but you’d certainly need someone with you to act as another set of eyes and for their objective opinion on the matter. Your maid of honor would also need to be there especially on the last fitting so she’ll know from the professionals how your gown works and would be able to assist you properly.

Wedding dresses don’t come in a one- size-fits-all design. Whether you found your wedding dress in a salon, online or inherited from your loved one, there are endless options for alterations to make the dress your very own.

Just remember that  the more work you may want done on the wedding dress, the  more you may need to pay and  the more time you may need to allocate for the alterations.

If you want alterations done on your wedding gown, or you just have questions about wedding gown alterations, click here for more info.

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