Inflatable Spas and features to look for – A Review

Sitting in a hot tub after a long day at work is a pleasurable experience. If you don’t have one at home already, the first thing to do is read inflatable spa review to find out what is available. Companies like Intex, Bestways, Palm Springs and Miami Layz offer portable spas in all sizes. One of the main reasons that portable spas are popular with consumers is that they are versatile and can be installed anywhere. Portable spas are available in many sizes too and can accommodate up to 6 people at a time.

Tips to consider while buying an inflatable spa

Since there are many models available on the market, finding one to suit your needs and budget requires consideration of a few factors.

Installation: One of the main reasons why inflatable spas are popular is that they are easy to set up. Made of sturdy vinyl or PVC, the spa has an external heater and pump unit which controls the power of the jets as well as water temperature. A spa can be set up in 20 minutes or less. Fill it with water from a garden house and the heater unit takes care of the rest.

Construction: The standard material used to make inflatable tubs is vinyl or PVC. Some use nylon or other materials to reinforce the walls and this feature is usually trademarked. Pay close attention to this feature as it could impact your budget. Premium tubs are more stable and have features that offer better insulation.

Covers: Every inflatable spa offers a lock top cover. This is a great safety feature and prevents children or pets from falling into the unit when it is not in use. The cover also works as insulation and helps to heat the water faster. Check what materials are used in the cover as well as the way it fits onto the spa unit. This should play a key role in the purchasing decision and budget.

Accessories: Spa manufacturers offer a range of accessories to help keep a portable spa in good working order as well as enjoyment. Chemical dispensers help to keep the water clean if a lot of people are going to use the unit. Basic filters are available to ensure clean water. Inflatable cushions, cup holders, water softeners and ground mats are some items – a store representative will be able to suggest what you need.

Warranties: Even though spas are built to be sturdy and portable, they may not always be durable. Before buying any unit, check on the warranties that manufacturers offer. Buy a tub which has a long warranty period for the unit as well, not just the pump.  Make sure that the company’s service department is easy to work with, as well.

Maintained well, an inflatable spa tub can last for years. The reason many people choose to buy such a unit is because it is affordable and offers the same features as an inground tub or swimming pool.


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